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Visa outage over after transaction chaos across Europe

4 months, 16 days ago
LONDON: Payment systems giant Visa recovered on Saturday from a hardware issue that had left it struggling to process transactions at bars, shops and cash machines across Europe. The blockage left some customers stuck at the tills in…

EU will not lift visas unless Turkey eases terrorism laws

8 months, 2 days ago
SOFIA: The European Union told Turkey on Friday it would not ease travel requirements for its citizens unless Ankara softens counter-terrorism laws that the bloc says are excessive. The EU has been taken aback by President Tayyip…

US and Turkey lift reciprocal visa restrictions

9 months, 21 days ago
The United States and Turkey on Thursday turned the page on a visa crisis triggered nearly three months ago by the arrest of a staff member at the American mission in Ankara, but relations between the NATO allies remain tense. The two…

Saudi Arabia to begin issuing tourist visas

11 months, 18 days ago
RIYADH: Saudi Arabia plans to start issuing tourist visas "soon", authorities said on Tuesday, as the kingdom seeks to attract international visitors in a radical overhaul of its oil-dependent economy. Tourism is seen as a major driver…

Tiny Singapore has world’s most powerful passport: ranking

11 months, 24 days ago
Tiny Singapore now has the world's most powerful passport, according to a new ranking, with its citizens able to travel to the greatest number of countries visa free. Passport Index, which keeps track of how usable such documents are,…