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Visitors at this Thailand beach are welcomed by ‘friendly monkeys’

Have you ever been to tourist spot crammed with ‘friendly’ animals? Well, there is a beach in Thailand that gives you company of cute animals. Monkey Beach is – along the island of Ko Phi Phi Don in Thailand – is filled with monkeys. Monkeys that roam around. Monkeys that paddle in the sea. Monkeys that come up to people and want to play. They live in the mountains next to the shore, and have learned that the beach is the best spot to find fruit, seeds, crabs, and leftover snacks from tourists. The monkeys are a…

India limits visitors to save Taj Mahal

NEW DELHI: India is to restrict the number of daily visitors to the Taj Mahal in an attempt to preserve the iconic 17th-century monument to love, its biggest tourist attraction. Millions of mostly Indian tourists visit the Taj Mahal every year and their numbers are increasing steadily as domestic travel becomes easier. Experts say the vast crowds increase wear and tear on the white marble tomb, which already must undergo regular cleaning to stop it turning yellow from polluted air, and could put pressure on its…

Iran offers hotel tax breaks in bid to boost tourism

TEHRAN: Iran offered up to 13 years of tax holidays to hoteliers at an international tourism summit on Sunday as it seeks to boost visitor numbers and revamp its dilapidated hotels. "All economic activities related to... tourism will enjoy 100 percent tax holidays between five to 13 years depending on the region," deputy economy minister Mohammad Khazaei told hoteliers from 18 countries who had gathered in Tehran, many from Europe. Since the lifting of international sanctions under last year's nuclear deal, the moderate…