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Security firm finds some Macs vulnerable to ‘firmware’ attacks

Since 2015, Apple has tried to protect its Mac line of computers from a form of hacking that is extremely hard to detect, but it has not been entirely successful in getting the fixes to its customers, according to research released on Friday by Duo Security. Duo examined what is known as firmware in the Mac computers. Firmware is an in-built kind of software that is even more basic than an operating system like Microsoft Windows or macOS. When a computer is first powered on -- before the operating system has even…

These are the 13 places where you are more likely to get mugged in Karachi, according to CPLC

KARACHI: Citizens Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) has named 13 locations where people of Karachi are more susceptible to becoming victims of street crimes, ARY News reported. ARY News correspondent Salman Lodhi said over 33,000 cell phones and around 20,000 motorcycles were snatched last year in the megapolis. While, not even 10 percent of the snatched valuables could be recovered of them. A senior officer claims that the huge volume of street crimes in the biggest city of Pakistan is due to the damaged roads.…

WhatsApp vulnerable to snooping: report

LONDON: The Facebook-owned mobile messaging service WhatsApp is vulnerable to interception, the Guardian newspaper reported on Friday, sparking concern over an app advertised as putting an emphasis on privacy. The report said that WhatsApp messages could be read without its billion-plus users knowing due to a security backdoor in the way the company has implemented its end-to-end encryption protocol. The system relies on unique security keys "that are traded and verified between users to guarantee communications are…