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VW ‘dieselgate’ fraud: Timeline of a scandal

FRANKFURT AM MAIN: As Volkswagen faces the wrath of investors in the first mass "dieselgate" lawsuit on its home turf, here's a look at how the emissions cheating was uncovered and the fallout for the auto giant:  2014 US researchers at the University of West Virginia discover that certain VW diesel cars emit up to 40 times the permissible levels of harmful nitrogen oxide when tested on the road.  2015 September 18: The US Environmental Protection Agency accuses VW of duping diesel emissions tests using so-called…

Pollution from tampered, German-sold Volkswagens to kill 1,200: study

BOSTON: Pollution from 2.6 million Volkswagen cars sold in Germany between 2008 and 2015, manipulated to seem less polluting than they were, will cause 1,200 premature deaths in Europe, a study into the health impacts of the fraud said on Friday. "The researchers estimate that 1,200 people in Europe will die early, each losing as much as a decade of their life, as a result of excess emissions generated," said the Massachusetts Institute of Technology which took part in the study. Of these, an estimated 500 deaths will…