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Wagah Border

Wagah Border located in Lahore which is also known as the heart of Pakistan. Lahore was the first home for the millions of refugees after the country got independence from the British rule on 14th Aug 1947. 27km from the center of Lahore lie the historic gateway to freedom called bab-e-azadi at the international border of India and Pakistan known as Wagah border.

Today Wagah is an international check point and the venue of the world most renowned retreat ceremony. This is the only place in the world where tens of thousands people from the two countries gather every evening to witness the ceremony that has become the symbol of their passion.

Since the independence this place has become the passion of pride for the nation. The giant check post also allows the united nation people to travel on this route. Dosti bus service and Samjhauta Express also passes through this border. Trade between two countries is also being conducted through this route to some extent.