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Walking Dead

This ride at UK park uses riders screams to charge smartphones

With collaboration of researchers from Queen Mary University London and the engineering team at city's Thorpe Park Resort, a new ride named Walking Dead has been installed at the park that can power the smartphones of its riders by screaming loudly through newly installed devices. All of the Walking Dead's carriages have been fitted with the harvesting devices, which not only suck up the energy of screams but that from g-force and vibrations, too. The technology took three months to implement, from design to installation.…

‘Walking Dead’ zombie game seeks Pokemon-style success

HELSINKI: Finnish game studio Next Games said on Friday it will launch a new augmented reality smartphone game in the coming months based on AMC Networks’ hit TV show “Walking Dead”. The game, in which players fight zombies that are superimposed onto the real world on smartphone screens, is tapping into the trend of augmented reality (AR) which gained mass adoption last year with the release of Niantic’s Pokemon Go. Next Games said the "Walking Dead: Our World" game, which it hopes will mirror Pokemon Go’s success,…

‘Walking Dead’ creator sues AMC over profits

Los Angeles: The creator of The Walking Dead is suing AMC over what he claims is an effort to deny him tens of millions of dollars in profit from the hit drama. Oscar-nominated writer-director Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile) and Creative Arts Agency filed suit Tuesday in New York Supreme Court against defendants including AMC Network Entertainment LLC. Their suit claims that despite four seasons of "unprecedented programming success and profitability" for the defendants, Darabont hasn't received…