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PPP seeks explanation from govt over bureaucrat’s act of stealing wallet

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) on Monday sought an explanation from the federal government over a BS-20 officer's stealing of the wallet of a Kuwaiti diplomat. "This is the first time in Pakistan’s 70-year history that a delegate’s purse has been stolen," PPP leader Khursheed Shah said while speaking on the floor of the National Assembly, He said just suspension of the officer, Zarrar Haider Khan, was not enough for such a disgraceful act.  Recently, in a meeting between a Kuwaiti delegation and…

Man lodges police complaint over lost wallet and the real culprit turns out to be dog

BEIJING: A man lost his wallet and he subsequently lodged a complaint over alleged theft, but little did he know that the real culprit would be someone beyond his imagination. A man who had complained about losing his wallet was shocked to find out the culprit behind the theft was a dog. According to a Daily Mail report, the man in Anqing city, China, reported to the police that his wallet was missing after he went out to play a card game with his friends. He stated that along with his bank cards and ID, around 2,000 yuan…