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WAPDA stands for water and power development authority which is development under the parliamentary act of 1958. Wadpa responsibilities include providing power and water and works under the umbrella of federal government.

In order to meet the requirement of the country the organization is also responsible to make future plans and implement new technologies and strategies to fulfil the need of water and power. Wapda had built multiple water storage dam to fulfill the need of the country and looking forward to build new more.

The authority has a chairman and three members who are directly responsible for the operations of the authority. Three member are equally divided into the three functional areas of the authority (Water, Power and Finance)

The authority is working hard on new projects from which cheap power will be generated and it will be more pocket friendly for the consumers of the country and bring down the higher tariff. As the water requirement is increasing day by day the wapda is also working on the modern steps to fulfill the requirement of water in the country.