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Washington D.C

Washington, D.C. sues Facebook over Cambridge Analytica’s data use

WASHINGTON: The attorney general for Washington, D.C. said on Wednesday the nation’s capital city had sued Facebook over the scandal that broke earlier this year involving Cambridge Analytica’s use of data from the social-media giant. “Facebook failed to protect the privacy of its users and deceived them about who had access to their data and how it was used,” said Attorney General Karl Racine in a statement. “Facebook put users at risk of manipulation by allowing companies like Cambridge Analytica and other third-party…

Russia supporting and providing weapons to Taliban, says US

WASHINGTON. The head of US forces in Afghanistan says that Russia is supporting and even supplying arms to the Taliban. In an interview with BBC General John Nicholson said that he had seen "destabilizing activity by the Russians." According to General Nicholson, Russian weapons are being smuggled across the Tajik Border to the Taliban. The quantity of the weapons smuggled is not known. Russia had denied the allegations by the United States in the past and they were dropped because of lack of evidence.…