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Apple Watch goes on sale — quietly — in Asia

3 years, 5 months ago
TOKYO: The Apple Watch debuted in some Asian markets Friday, but with sales limited to those who had pre-ordered online it was a low-key start with none of the fanfare and fuss usually seen for a launch by the tech titan.

Apple Watch will replace car keys: Cook

3 years, 7 months ago
SAN FRANCISCO: Apple Watch will replace your car keys and its battery will last the whole day, Apple Inc's Chief Executive Tim Cook told the Telegraph in an interview.

After Peshawar school massacre, watch for the gloves to come off

3 years, 10 months ago
ISLAMABAD: The massacre of more than 130 Pakistani school children by Taliban gunmen was a chilling reminder of Hillary Clinton's warning to Islamabad in 2011 that "you can't keep snakes in your backyard and expect them only to bite your…

Apple’s Watch a boost for wireless charging

4 years, 1 month ago
SAN FRANCISCO: Apple Inc's embrace of wireless charging for its new Watch may be a defining moment for a technology that's languished for years amid competing standards and consumer confusion.