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West Virginia

Has ‘mothman’ really been caught on camera? People in US state say ‘Yes’

WEST VIRGINIA, US: The seldom appearance of mythical red-eyed creature continuous to haunt denizens of West Virginia and nightmare has struck back once again. Previous sightings have described it as a “large flying man with 10-foot wings” and a “large bird with red eyes”. According to the Daily Mirror, one man is convinced he has proved once and for all the creature is real. Recently some pictures were captured showing some sort of animal appears to have…

Dog’s head swollen to three times its normal size after snake-bite

FAIRMONT: A dog had his head swollen to an unusually large size after he was biten by a snake in West Virginia. The dog was later brought to an animal shelter for treatment. Pet Helpers, Inc., of Fairmont, posted a photo to Facebook of a miserable-looking beagle mix named Logar suffering from severe swelling in his head after a bite from a venomous snake. The shelter shared pictures showing Logar looking back to normal with a comparatively tiny-seeming head only one day after being treated at an animal hospital.…