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Syria’s White Helmets: Heroes who run towards bombs

BEIRUT: Before war broke out they were bakers, decorators or students. Now Syria's volunteer rescuers known as the White Helmets risk their lives trying to pull victims from the rubble. Footage of the daring, often heart-rending rescues…

Syria’s White Helmets congratulate Colombia on Nobel

BEIRUT: The head of Syria's White Helmets on Friday congratulated Colombia's president on winning the Nobel Peace Prize, which the rescue force had been widely tipped to receive themselves. A White Helmet volunteer, meanwhile, was killed…

The tragic story behind rescued baby in Syria’s Idlib

IDLIB, SYRIA: The frail cries of four-month-old Wahida made the rescue worker who carried her out of the rubble in Syria's Idlib break down in sobs. The full story is one of tragedy. "I was in the shop when the airplane began carrying out…