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Monster wildfire rages in California

2 months, 22 days ago
CALIFORNIA: Nine people were reported missing as a monster wildfire in northern California burned unchecked on Saturday after it killed two firefighters, destroyed hundreds of structures and sent thousands of frantic residents racing from…

Thousands evacuated as Colorado wildfire doubles in size

4 months, 8 days ago
A Colorado wildfire nearly doubled in size from Saturday to Sunday and prompted hundreds of more evacuations as dry and windy conditions were expected to persist, officials said. The so-called 416 Fire in southwest Colorado had burned…

At least 10 killed by wildfires in California wine country

1 year, 9 days ago
SANTA ROSA, Calif:  A spate of wildfires fanned by strong winds swept through northern California’s wine country on Monday, killing at least 10 people, destroying hundreds of homes and businesses and chasing some 20,000 people from their…