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Wildfires kill at least 39 in Portugal and Spain

LISBON/MADRID: At least 36 people died in wildfires raging through parched farmlands and forests in Portugal and another three in neighboring northwestern Spain on Sunday and Monday. Firefighters were battling 50 blazes in Portugal and a similar number in Spain. Portugal’s government asked for international help and declared a state of emergency in territory north of the Tagus river - about half of its landmass. Flames ripped across Iberian countryside left tinder-dry by an unusually hot summer and early autumn,…

Climate change will feed wildfires: experts

PARIS, France: Out-of-control wildfires like the ones that brought destruction to southern Europe, North America, and parts of South Africa in recent weeks will likely become more frequent as global temperatures soar under climate change, experts say. More than 10,000 people had to flee raging fires in southern France this week, and several villages were evacuated in Portugal just weeks after another blaze killed more than 60 people there. In South Africa in June, 9 people died and some 10,000 people were evacuated…

Wildfires prompt 10,000 evacuations on French Riviera

MARSEILLE: Firefighters evacuated thousands of campers and local residents after a wildfire broke out on France's tourist-thronged Riviera coast overnight. The blaze was the latest of several wind-whipped fires that are ravaging forest and scrubland on the hills and slopes that spill into the Mediterranean sea between the Marseilles and the city of Nice in the southeastern corner of France. Not far west of the yacht-filled marinas of Saint-Tropez resort, 10,000 people were evacuated - 3,000 of them from campsites - as…