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World’s biggest book fair kicks off in Dubai

DUBAI: A gargantuan touring book sale that touts itself as the world’s largest is making its first stop in the Middle East, filling a huge hangar in Dubai with stacks of 3 million discounted books, open round the clock. Organisers hope to attract as many as 300,000 visitors during 11 days in Dubai. Founder of the event Andrew Yap said he expects the sheer number of books will lure in punters. “In a mature market like Dubai, this will give variety to readers,” he added. The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, launched in Kuala Lumpur…

Thailand: Home to some of world’s biggest crocodile farms

BANGKOK: Thailand is home to some of the world's biggest crocodile farms, where tourists can see the giant reptiles lounging in the hot sun, chomping on chicken, or swarming in emerald green pools. Some 1.2 million crocodiles are kept on more than 1,000 farms in Thailand, according to figures from the Thai department of fisheries. Some are equipped with slaughterhouses and tanneries to produce luxury products. Sri Ayuthaya Crocodile Farm is one of Thailand's biggest and has been operating for 35 years. "We're…

Deal struck for world’s biggest marine reserve in Antarctica

SYDNEY: The world's largest marine reserve aimed at protecting the pristine wilderness of Antarctica will be created after a "momentous" agreement was finally reached Friday, with Russia dropping its long-held opposition. The deal, sealed by the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) at an annual meeting in Hobart after years of negotiations, will see a massive US and New Zealand-backed marine protected area established in the Ross Sea. It will cover more than 1.55 million square kilometres (600,000…