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Taliban hint at conditional nod on ceasefire

ISLAMABAD: The Taliban have hinted at conditional agreement on ceasefire during a second day of peace talks, ARY News reported on Sunday

During a meeting with their nominated representatives in Waziristan, Taliban leaders said a ceasefire should be enforced from both the sides. They also demanded of Army withdrawal from tribal areas. 

Maulana Samiul Haq, Professor Mohammad Ibrahim and Maulana Abdul Aziz are the TTP negotiators. In a latest development, spot of the meeting has been changed and it is undisclosed. 

The dialogue process, discussing various suggestions and demands, of Taliban committee continued on a second day in Waziristan. The meeting has now ended and Taliban negotiators have left for Miranshah.

Committee negotiators tried to pursue Taliban that imposition of Shariah could also be discussed within the parameters of constitution.

Sources told that lists had also been prepared by Taliban of their prisoners, seeking their release while the other one comprised name of government officials under their custody.



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