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Taliban shuraa agreed upon extending ceasefire, claims Yousuf Shah

PESHAWAR: Coordinator of Taliban-nominated committee, Molana Yousuf Shah has said that the Taliban shuraa has agreed upon extending the ceasefire – ARY News reports.

Molana Yousuf Shah told that Taliban have not announced to end truce with the Government, their shuraa has agreed upon extending the ceasefire with the Government and now positive steps are being awaited from Government's side.

He claimed to have contacted both the Government and Taliban representatives and said that things are moving on.

Shah told that a meeting between Government and Taliban committees is expected tomorrow and expressed his hopes for better outcome of the sitting.

Yesterday, miscellaneous statements had surfaced on media relating to Taliban spokesperson Shahidullah Shahid, saying that a truce is no prerequisite for peace talks, whereas TTP Mohmand Agency supremo, Khalid Khurasani had claimed that the ceasefire will not be extended.

Soon after that, another Taliban leader, Azam Tariq had issued a statement that Shahid and Khurasani elaborated their personal views and it is not the stance of the banned organization.

Azam Tariq added that a meeting of Taliban shuraa has been summoned to decide on truce with Government and whatever decision will be made it will be announced by the media committee of Taliban.



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