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‘Taliban’s fear barred Imran from Fatiha at martyrs memorial’

In his exclusive word with ARY News, Wasim Akhtar said that his party had arranged some gifts for the PTI chief Imran Khan and a jewellery set for his wife Reham Khan, while the Haleem – a traditional delicacy – could also not be served.

The MQM leader said that there were a large number of policemen and media representatives in the PTI caravan which arrived at Jinnah Ground.

“Alongside cops and media men, there were also some people from the Kati Pahari and Sohrab Goth with the PTI procession”, he said.

When asked to comment on PTI’s complain that its activists were thrashed as soon as the leadership departed from Azizabad, Akhtar said that a minor disorder could have taken place somewhere, but the MQM’s top brass over there remained quiet and welcomed PTI in good faith.

He also questioned that ‘what happened of the fear which Imran Khan had claimed to end’, adding that the PTI members including Khan were wearing bulletproof vests during their visit to the constituency.



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