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Ranbir thinks he is Sonam Kapoor’s male version

Just a pair of jeans and a casual T-shirt with a cap would do for him and we are sure a staggering number of girls nodding in agreement.


The B-Town believes it is Ranbir, who is keeping the style and elegance running in the family.

But there is someone who Ranbir thinks (no, no…It is not any Kapoor from the family tree) is the most stylish person in Bollywood.


The 33-year-old actor says his first co-star Sonam Kapoor is as amazingly stylish as he is.

Precisely and according to him, Ranbir Kapoor is Sonam Kapoor’s male version in terms of style and classiness.


“I may not be the most recognised fashionista”, Ranbir said in a recent interview, adding, “Though I believe I’m the male version of Sonam Kapoor. But nobody recognises that. I guess. I have to put in more effort and be out there for people to recognise the talent in me. I am an absolute epitome of fashion and style. I hope that people get it”.


When both the top Indian stars launched their careers with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Saawariya’ a few years back, many thought that they were seeing each other.

However, never Ranbir or Sonam ever admitted being in a relationship and surprisingly the two never shared the screens again after their debutant film.




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