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Those talking of 'umpires' should go to them: Zardari

Addressing a ceremony with respect to PPP foundation day, the former president questioned, “Didn’t Imran Niazi know that December 16 was the darkest day remembered as the Fall of Dhaka and why did he fix such a date for the protest”.

He said that Islamabad is not the Temple of Somnath that anyone could wage attacks on.

“Those talking about umpire’s finger should go to the umpires themselves”, suggested Zardari.

Addressing workers and party leaders, he said that nations do come across some difficult times, but it is the leadership which is supposed to take a right decision.

Asif Ali Zardari said that for the sake of democracy we did not let anyone collapse the system.

Recalling his late wife and twice the prime minister of Pakistan, he said, “BB Shaheed sat in the Parliament with only 17 seats and played the role of opposition, in spite of the fact that I was imprisoned. She signed an agreement with the PMLN for the sake of democracy”.

Despite of numerous reservations we proved that politics requires patience, he said.

While admitting grouping within his party, the PPP co-chairman, “Those who had abandoned politics for past 20 years, I picked them up and placed at key party posts, yet they also up to making lobbies”.

Addressing all such party figures, Asif Ali Zardari said, “You must not forget that a PPP worker stands with its leadership and the day when I reached out to party workers, there will be no group remaining within the party”.



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