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Talks only choice for Pakistan, India on Kashmir, says Kasuri

Speaking at a presser after launching of his book based on relations between two countries, Kasuri said he has presented, in his book, the stance of both sides on Kashmir.

“Several wars have been fought on Kashmir, but none of the two states retreated from there,” he said. “Through backdoor diplomacy, we had gone quite close to the resolution of Kashmir Issue in Pervez Musharraf’s reign,” said the former minister. “Even the Kashmiri leadership wants to come out of present situation.”

He said that “demilitarization of both sides of Kashmir, self-governance and conduct of polls under supervision of international observers was all part of the agenda to resolve the issue”.

Kasuri argued that if Germany and France, and Indonesia and Malaysia can end their differences, then why can’t Pakistan and India do so.

He went on to say that the Pakistan Army was also ready for the resolution of Kashmir Issue, of which he also mentioned in his book.



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