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Tareen vows to serve defamation notice to Rasheed

Addressing a press conference here, Jehangir Tareen said that the allegations leveled by the Information Minister about his plane are all baseless. He refused that he is a minor shareholder of the company and also provided media with the audit report pertaining to his aircraft.

The report suggested that Tareen bore 70 percent expenses of the aircraft, while the remaining 30 percent were paid by his company.

The PTI leader while taking exception to Information Minister, demanded him to provide details of expenses of planes under the use of Sharif brothers. He inquired who bears the expenses of planes whether the Sharifs are in power or not and how.

He claimed that the Sharif brothers must not be paying a single penny of these expenses.

Jehangir Tareen vowed to serve a legal notice to Pervez Rasheed demanding him to apologize for defaming him and affecting his company’s repute.

“If the Information Minister fails to apologize, I will file a lawsuit seeking him to be fined by the court”, he added.

Moreover, the PTI leader said that the government is afraid of the November 30 protest by his party and this is why it has come down to such dirty tactics.



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