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Target killer reveals names of people who attacked ARY News office

KARACHI: The target killer arrested in a joint raid by Sindh Rangers and police on Friday spilled the beans about attack on ARY News office following speech of Muttahida Qaumi Movement founder in which he incited his workers to attack media houses, ARY News reported.

According to details presented in the interrogation report on the accused, Ziauddin alias Pahari is involved in killing of more than 40 people including famed religious scholars, police personnel and workers of political and religious parties.

While narrating his side of story about the incident of attacking media houses, Ziauddin said MQM’s Joint In-charge Shakeel Bhai told him on phone that he was going to receive a call from London.

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“Then, just after 15 minutes, Mustafa Azizabadi called me and said the founder of MQM will make speech. Bring out how many supporters we had on roads. We will make rally-like situation to put pressure on the government to get our demands accepted,” he said.

Later, he continued, he told Shakeel Bhai that one bus of supporters will be taken out from each UC to gather big crowd.

“When I saw destruction at ARY News office, I talked to Sheeraz Bhai. He instantly responded the call and said he was with ladies and dropped the call,” he said.

Ziauddin said Ladies Sector In-charge Lines Area Nasreen Baji, Fozia, Ghazala, Nosheen, Noreen and Sughra Baji were invoved in the attack on ARY News office.



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