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Targeted killings declined by 90pc in 2016: Rangers report

KARACHI: Pakistan Rangers Sindh has issued an annual operations report, claiming Karachi saw a significant decline in targeted killings up to 90 percent since September 2013.

According to Rangers spokesperson, the paramilitary force conducted a total of 1,992 operations from January 1, 2016 to date, which led to arrests of 2,847 people, and 1,845 weapons were seized.

The Rangers report says a total of 446 target killers were nabbed. Of them, 348 belonged to militant wings of political parties, 11 were associated with sectarian parties and 87 with the Lyari gang war and the Peoples Amn Committee.

“As many as 965 cases of target killings were reported in the year 2013, and in 2014, the number was brought down to 602. The trend of decline continued in 2015 and 2016 with 199 and 86 cases being reported in each year, respectively.”

The report claims that only 25 kidnappings for ransom were reported in the year 2016. The Rangers statement further indicates 72 percent decrease in terrorism-related violence.

The report further said that during their targeted operations Rangers personnel seized 10 rocket launchers, 50 heavy and light machine guns, 358 Kalashnikovs and submachine guns, 90 shotguns, 112 repeater rifles, 315 rifles and 910 pistols and revolvers.




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