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Pakistani drama serial actress Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh contesting UK election

Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh has been around since quite a while and is a known face in Pakistan. Tasmina has dabbled with numerous professions. Early on, she tried to make it big in Pakistan by starring in Pakistani drama serials. She did encounter success and starred in the renowned drama series Des Pardes. Interestingly, it was just a honeymoon trip with her husband in Pakistan which led Tasmina to try her luck in Pakistan’s entertainment industry.

After a few modeling shoots, decided to pursue a political career. She foughtthe Govan seat for the Tories in the first Scottish Parliament elections. She lost – and defected to the SNP the next year.

Interestingly, she has also starred in a music video of the song Aansoo which was sung by famous Pakistani singer Ali Azmat.

Aansoo Drama OST Title Song by Ali Azmat by gaanatube



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