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‘Team Muhafiz’ is up to fight evils of society

“Team Muhafiz is a comic book series of a bunch of teenagers from Karachi. They come from different ethnic and interfaith communities of Pakistan. They are all fighting social evil and standing up for social good,” said Azhar during an interview with a BBC representative while giving insight of his book.

It has been long time since Pakistan is facing militant and sectarian violence, most of which relies on a hardline interpretation of Islam. The Pakistani entrepreneur desires to change the psychology of society through his book.

A law student, Parinaaz, 18, is the team leader who fights against the issues of corruption, child marriage and acid attacks.

To a query, he said, “Yes, I get frustrated. I get very upset with what is happening over there. But there are many people who are trying to do and change the minds. Not just me. There are a lot of people doing some great work and I think that we just need to keep putting our ideas, our narratives out.

“We want to make sure we show the real villains which are more evil than the villains you can see in the fictitious world.”



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