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Teenager takes on heart criticism over ‘excessive social media use’,commits suicide

MUMBAI: A 15-year-old after allegedly being told off by mother for constant use of cell phones and social Media attempted suicide by jumping off a high rise in the early hours of Tuesday.

He left behind a suicide note on Instagram Stories apologizing to everyone.

The boy was good at his studies and had cleared his Class IX exams in the IGCSE stream of a Kandivli school.

The boy and his older sister spent most of their time with their grandfather as his parents frequently travel extensively for their travel and tourism business.

Around 5.30am on Tuesday, a 10th floor resident of the highrise was cooking when she saw the teenager seated on the edge of the refuge area on the 14th floor of the opposite wing.

“I immediately called up a security guard,” she told TOI.

Ten minutes later, she called up the guard again. The guard told her that he had informed his supervisor and the latter was on his way up.



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