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Ten flicks to catch on Women’s Day!

Erin Brokovich

This movie is based on the real life Erin Brokovich, who had moved mountains in unraveling and exposing a multibillion dollar company for contaminating an area inhabited by residents. Erin, played by Julia Roberts, discovers the fact and pursues her bid to inform the public about the misdoings of Pacific Gas and Electric. The hardships and dangers the single mother of three had to go through are portrayed brilliantly in the movie.


Million Dollar Baby

Hillary Swank plays a broke and down-on-her-luck waitress has nothing of worth to look forward to in her life. However, things start to change for the better when Hillary’s persistence forces legendary coach (played by Clint Eastwood) to agree to train her. She soon scales the heights of greatness in the boxing arena and becomes a force to be reckoned with. Directed by Clint Eastwood, the film notched up the Best Director, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor awards at the 77th Academy Awards.


Mona Lisa Smile

Based in the 50’s, this movie features again the versatile actress Julia Roberts and three other female actresses, in a female-centered plot. The movie shows the desire of these three women to break the shackles society restrains them with, on account of their being females and pursue a life of their choosing.


Khuda Kay Liye

With an ensemble cast that includes Shaan Shahid, Naseeruddin Shah, Iman Ali and Fawad Afzal Khan, Khuda Kay Liye is a must watch. The film showcases the atrocities that are committed against women in the name of religion and how they do not have a say in choosing their own spouse. Directed by Shoaib Mansoor, the film opened to a resounding success and was rated as one of the best films of all time made by the Pakistani film industry.


The story of a conservative father who leaves no stone unturned in rejecting and despising his daughters, this riveting, tragic tale of female subjugation is a masterpiece.  Starring Humaima Malik, Ayesha Khan, Atif Aslam, Shafqat Cheema and Iman Ali, Bol is another female oriented classic that you will absolutely love!


Queen is the story of an under-confident, simple girl who is ditched before her marriage by her husband-to-be.  Alone, she decides to go to Paris in order to derive maximum benefit from her pre booked honeymoon. There, she experiences life as an independent individual and lives it to the fullest. Starring Kangana Ranaut as Rani, the film went on to become one of the most critically acclaimed films of 2014 from Bollywood.

Mary Kom

Based on the life of renowned female boxer Mary Kom, Priyanka Chopra laced on boxing gloves to portray an athletically tough Indian girl. Against all odds (mostly stacked by her father) she trains with an experienced coach and very soon courts national and international fame. Juggling her career with marriage and politics, Priyanka Chopra’s performance is commendable in an overall inspiring movie.


Rani Mukherjee plays Shivani Shivaji Roy, a bold and outspoken female cop from India who pursues gangs relentlessly. Chasing criminals on foot and always brandishing a pistol, Rani Mukherjee doesn’t shy away or back down from notorious cartel members in Mardaani. The film was recognized globally for its positive and empowering message.


Stranded in space, a female astronaut Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) has to make difficult choices with no one out there to lend a helping hand. In order to survive, she has to make quick and tough decisions to save her life and return back to planet Earth. An entire movie based on a woman’s courage and her ability to save the day on her own, Gravity is a masterpiece that should be on your playlist for Women’s Day!

Iron Lady

An elderly Margaret Thatcher talks to the imagined presence of her recently deceased husband as she struggles to come to terms with his death while scenes from her past life, from girlhood to British prime minister, intervene. The movie features a woman’s rise to power and the success she can achieve if she makes it to a platform that caters to her.



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