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Terrorist gang broken up in China

BEIJING: A "terrorist gang" was broken up Xinjiang region of China after five suspects, involved in explosive attacks, were arrested days after a deadly blast in Urumqi.

China had announced anti terrorist operations in Xinjiang after violent incidents in the federal capital. It should be noted that Xinjiang hosts a large number of minority Uighur Muslim community.

Police in Hotan claimed that five members of a terrorist outfit were arrested whereas two explosive-making sites and 1.8 metric tons of explosive raw materials were seized, according to the reports of Tianshan news website.

"The members of the criminal gang … organized members to go to Urumqi and other areas to gather and buy raw materials for explosives and made explosive devices, and covered up a conspiracy to launch violent terrorist attacks," Tianshan said.

China's leadership has been optimistic to restore confidence amongst the public of the law and order stability after a wave of terrorist attacks, which included suicide bombings and a knife attack, in the country.

Terrorist attacks have claimed at least 180 lives in the past year.

The repressive policies of the country have been blamed for the unrest as it puts restrictions on the culture of Uighurs Muslims who are Turkic linguals. The minority group has blamed the Chinese government of favoritism in favor of China’s majority ethnic group named Han.

Beijing says separatist groups in Xinjiang are seeking to form their own state called East Turkestan, though experts dispute the influence and reach of the most prominent group, the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM).

Source: Reuters



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