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Major terrorist network busted in Karachi — Hyderabad jail-break attempt foiled: DG ISPR

Lt-Gen Bajwa, during a media briefing in Karachi, informed through graphical presentation about major terror attacks including Karachi airport attack, assassination of Karachi’s top cop Chaudhary Aslam, jail break attempt in Karachi and Hyderabad, Kamra airbase attack and big arrests in its wake.

He said these terrorists often planned foul plays in mosques and people didn’t know about it.

He divulged that Karachi airport attack was planned in Miranshah by mastermind Naeem Bukhari along with training of suicide bombers as well as finances. Miranshah was a base of militant attacks across the country that was destroyed in the Zarb-e-Azb, he mentioned.

He said operatives of al-Qaeda in Sub Continent and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi were involved in attacks in Karachi and all of planners, facilitators and abettors had been arrested.

“We are cooperating with some 70 intelligence agencies, our intelligence agencies are one of the best”, said the DG ISPR.

Major jail-break attempted in Hyderabad foiled

He said that terrorists had also planned an attack on Hyderabad jail but it could not materialize due to timely action by forces. The plan, he said, was to obtain freedom for Omar Saeed Sheikh who was involved in the killing of US journalist Daniel Pearl. He also said that they planned to obtain freedom of another terrorist by the name of Shahzad who was involved in an attack on a luxury hotel in Karachi.

Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh

“Attackers had planned to kill around 40 people in the Hyderabad prison and take alonf 100 others after release.”

Three main planners of Hyderabad jail-break
Three high-value targets and planners – Naeem Bukhari, Musanna and Sabir Khan – of Hyderabad jail-break arrested.


Explosives seized during raid on terrorists' hideout in Hyderabad.
Explosives seized during raid on terrorists’ hideout in Hyderabad.


Police uniforms and other gadgets terrorists had planned to use during jail-break.
Police uniforms and other gadgets terrorists had planned to use during the jail-break.

A police constable posted at the jail was part of this plan to facilitate the attackers, he said, adding that he had also been arrested.

The DG ISPR said terrorists had also rented a house in Hyderabad’s Latifabad area. Besides, he revealed that 47 dangerous terrorists were being used by three terror groups in Karachi. Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan had also been patronizing these three groups, he added.

The DG ISPR said Rangers had conducted more than 7,000 operations in Karachi. “And more than 12,000 suspects have been nabbed in all those actions.” He said crimes have reducted 70% in the provincial capital following Rangers operation.

“The whole of world is praising military operation Zarb-e-Azb,” he said.



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