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Terrorists, opponents on same agenda to destabilize Pakistan: PM

“Whenever Pakistan gets to development track, some elements rise to stab government to serve their own agenda,” he stated while addressing a ceremony in Sukkur.

He said his rivals were against development projects initiated by him. “Let government distract from its agenda. This is what our opponents want,” he said.

PM said terrorists aim to hinder Pakistan’s road to development. He immediately took exception to his detractors, saying those who are blocking roads in protest are no different from the former.

“Both of them want to create chaos and anarchy in the country,” said Mr. Sharif. He said China’s investment plans were delayed due to sit-ins in the country.

He said none of his opponents could prove a corruption charge of a penny against him. Even Transparency International is endorsing government’s clean record, he mentioned.

The premier said if the ‘misadventure’ had not occurred in 1999, Pakistan would have progressed much further, and all motorways would have been completed by now.

Earlier, PM Sharif performed the ground breaking of six lane Sukkur-Multan motorway. The motorway will be completed with the assistance of China will provide high-speed transportation between Sindh and Punjab provinces.

‘Six lane motorway will benefit millions of people’                 

The six-lane motorway passing through Multan-Jalalpur Peerwala Ahmed Pur East, Ubaro and Pano Aqil will terminate at Sukkur.

Total 54 bridges will be constructed including one major bridge on River Sutlej.

Construction of 12 service areas, 10 rest areas, 11 interchanges, 10 Flyovers and 426 underpasses is also included in this project.

It will be completed with the financial assistance of China.

The 393 kilometers long Sukkur-Multan Motorway is part of crucially important project of Peshawar-Karachi Motorway.



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