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Textile course launched to train the youth

According to a press release by Aman Foundation, Stitching Machinist is a “demand driven course” for the men and women of Pakistan and will fulfill the needs of the country’s textile industry.

AMANTECH provides vocational training and soft skills to the underserved youth of Pakistan and facilitates employment opportunities for students both locally and internationally. The “Stitching Machinist” has been launched with conjunction of USAID and Yunus Textile Mills.

CEO of Yunus Textiles Mills Mohammad Ali Tabba, speaking in the launching ceremony, said that initiating the program is a huge step towards improving the lives of the underserved youth of this country.

Ahmar Iqbal, CEO, AmanTech, launches the first coed textile course with Muhammad Ali Tabba, CEO of Yunus Textile Mills

“Home Textiles is amongst Pakistan’s most successful businesses, and developing specialized trades to satisfy the human capital need in this industry is essential to creating employment opportunities for the underserved and further enhancing the capacity of this industry”, the release read.

“The fact that 80% of the students enrolled are women shows that we are not only on the brink of changing the professional landscape of Pakistan but also simultaneously empowering women”, AMANTECH’s CEO Ahmar Iqbal said.



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