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Thar Drought occurred due to negligence: Sikandar Bosan

LAHORE: Federal Minister for Food Security Sikandar Bosan has said that the Thar drought occurred due to negligence and the federal and provincial governments have large quantity of wheat in stocks, ARY News reports.

Speaking at a nutrition conference here in Lahore, Sikandar Bosan said that there is no problem of food shortage in the country. He added that the federal government has one million tonnes of wheat in stock whereas all the provinces have large quantities of wheat with them.

“Different factors are involved in drought situation in which negligence and the system’s weakness can be included”, he added. He appreciated the Punjab government for sending its relief teams in Cholistan area. Sikandar Bosan added that the price of wheat will not be increased.

Federal Minister for Food Security further said that good production of wheat is expected this year due to which the first fifteen days of March and the first week of April will be crucial.  Sikandar Bosan said that Pakistan has better quality of wheat than Russia and other countries.

“Only the wheat from United States and Australia is slightly better than Pakistan’s”, he added.



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