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Tharparkar on verge of severe catastrophe

The relation between desert and drought is inevitable but prediction of such a big human loss is only possible in Pakistan. This is not the first time that Tharparkar has witnessed this kind of calamity according to the Sindh Relief Department Thar has witnessed five severe drought since 1965, there were 8 moderate and 11 mild drought also.

Thar is that cursed district of sindh where people die like animals. The major source for living of Tharis is their livestock. No rains and severe livelihood conditions caused an acute shortage of fodder for animals from the very beginning of this year and animals started dying. Thari used to take their animals towards the north so that they can find living beside the river Indus but since 2010 the country has been witnessing worst floods of all time so that option has also gone. Thar is not very suitable to earn living even in monsoon season the monsoon brings pests that effects the crop cultivation.

So, the drought in Thar has brought a scarcity like situation in Thar people are dying because most of their livelihood is based on byproducts of milk such as yogurt and cream and it cant be fetched since animals are dying because of no fodder. The situation in Thar has turned into serious catastrophe.

Government of Sindh needs to take some serious measure to overcome this catastrophe. People are dying on daily basis due to this famine-like situation. The death toll in Thar has gone up to 400 in last eight months still 38 people are admitted in the hospitals. The hospitals are full of drought victim, women and children are among the biggest victim of this. Government and Army relief campaigns have been started but they are not enough for the victims of Thar. Still a lot has to be done to deal with this catastrophe before it gets too late.



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