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The aroma of black tea can help reduce stress levels: Study

JAPAN: Recent study shows that different aromatic substances can help lower stress levels.

According to a Japanese study, inhaling the aroma of black tea is an effective stress-reliever. The data shows that “[inhaling] the aroma of black tea may help to lower stress levels after a stressful task and improve mood prior to experiencing mental stress.”

The research team based there study on two kinds of Black tea (Assam and Darjeeling tea) and their effects on physical and psychological stress experienced by the present subjects.

18 healthy volunteers were asked to participate with age ranging from 20 to 21 years old and were instructed to only consume water at least three hours before each trial began.

The psycho-diagnostic arithmetic test of 30 minutes was used to induce stress in the participants. The test was split into two 15-minute sessions. Between the sessions, the volunteers had one minute per session to either inhale the aroma of black tea or be exposed to warm water.

The salivary chromogranin-A (CgA) levels was used as a stress marker to analyze the effect of the inhalation of the black tea aroma in the participants. The researchers noted that compared to volunteers in the control group, the group that inhaled the aroma of black tea had lower salivary CgA concentration levels 30 minutes after they accomplished the mentally stressful tasks.

The authors explained that both the teas had the same effect.

The researchers shared that in future studies, gender differences in the anti-stress effects of black tea aroma is another factor to consider. They added, “It will also be interesting to compare this data with other kinds of tea odors by multiple indexes of autonomic nervous system and central nervous system and activities.”

The results of the study implied that smelling the aroma of black tea can help reduce stress levels, and that the aroma of Darjeeling tea can improve an individual’s mood before mental stress load.

The researchers posited, “More studies elucidating the mechanism of anti-stress responses are needed to help improve human adaptability stress… and to create a healthy and comfortable living environment.”



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