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The heartbeat of every chaat lover, Shams Chaat is a legacy to live on forever

Karachi: Living in the metropolis, it is not possible for a chaat lover to not know of the famous Shams Chaat which comes with a warning: DO NOT MIX! 

Having started from a small canteen in the Agha Khan School, Shams Chaat is now a shop located on Britto Road, Karachi which is literally the heartbeat of every chaat lover residing in Karachi.

Speaking to ARY News, the younger brother of Shams, who is also now looking after the shop said, “There was Agha Khan school’s canteen, it started from there. It has almost been 40-45 years to this. My father used to do this first then my brother did it whose name is Shams. I am his younger brother, now I am doing it. My son is going to take after me.”

Normally sold out by eight in the night, the food at Shams is always fresh, “Everything pure and natural is used in it. From day 1 till today, Shams Chaat is the same. We have made no changes in it due to inflation or any other thing.” And it is not just Karachi where Shams Chaat is raved about, people from far flung areas are die-hard fans too, “People come from very far away areas. Sometimes people even come from Hyderabad and they come tell me themselves.”




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