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‘The Invisible Woman’ to be released on Christmas

Hollywood movie The Invisible Woman: Charles Dickens' Muse And Mistress, is going to be released on Christmas, as every year around Christmastime, folks seem to have Charles Dickens on their minds. Charles Dickens was a celebrity of the Victorian era. His books and plays continue to be celebrated around the world, particularly around Christmas.

The Invisible Woman focuses on a lesser-known part of his life — his relationship with a young woman named Nelly Ternan. The film is based on biographer Claire Tomalin's 1990 book, The Invisible Woman.

Felicity Jones plays the young mistress and muse, and Ralph Fiennes, who also directed the film, plays Dickens.

Jones and Fiennes discuss the process of getting into the mind of their characters and how their relationship with the writer evolved during the film.




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