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The more clothes you wear, the more respect you’re given- Mahira Khan

Pakistani actresses mostly have made headlines for their daring, bold scenes when they crossed over to India. Sara Loren, Veena Malik and Meera are some of the actresses who have shot intimate scenes in Bollywood movies and as a result, received flak for it. However, Pakistani actress Mahira Khan is all set to make it big in Bollywood with her very first flick in Bollywood, and that too opposite none other than Shah Rukh ‘King’ Khan.

In an interview with a local TV channel, Mahira Khan deliberated that respect was earned not by wearing less clothes or doing item numbers. But in Pakistan, people respected actresses for wearing proper clothes.

“The more clothes you wear, the more respect you’re given. You don’t need to do an item number for respect here,” said Mahira. The actress also stated a word of advice for other Pakistani actors and actresses who were being handed meaty roles for Bollywood flicks, to stay confident.

Mahira Khan

“Just remember that you’re being asked there because they’ve seen your work, and it’s good.”

Mahira Khan was herself noticed by Indian directors for her outstanding performance in the hit TV series Humsafar, which not only became feverishly popular in Pakistan but also earned her remarkable fame in India, since the TV show was popular among the Indian masses as well.

Mahira Khan

Though Mahira Khan had established herself as an actress of note, she was extremely nervous (and even scared) when it came to working with none other than Shah Rukh Khan.

“I was constantly very scared during my shoot, so much so that I couldn’t deliver my dialogues,” said Mahira. “The whole Raees team tried to make it easy for me. Still, I was so stressed out. But everything was all in my head,” Mahira Khan recalled.

It’s a good thing that Mahira Khan is one of the few actresses who have their sense of culture and traditions intact, even after being under the spotlight in India for quite sometime.



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