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The unbelievable boy who keeps his ‘eyes’ in his pocket

Both the eyes of Ben Underwood were removed through surgery when he was not even three years old after he was diagnosed with retinal cancer.

This American guy keeps his “eyes” made of stone in his pocket for use outside home, but he sees through naturally developed echolocation system in him.

Echolocation is the use of sound waves and echoes to determine location of objects. Some animals like bats and dolphins use this way to navigate and find things in the dark. They send out sound waves from their mouth or nose and the sound waves produce echoes after hitting an object.

Ben Underwood utilizes his abilities to unbelievable extents. He can type, play basketball, ride bicycle, and even spot the right target in pillow fight.

This teenager makes noise with his tongue and hears through ears to objectify things around him.

Once his mother took Ben to see a doctor, and while he was waiting, he played with his ‘Game Boy.’ When the doctor saw Ben he looked into his eyes then looked down to see if he was really playing the game and said to his mother, “His eyes are enucleated.” She replied, “Oh yes, he’s blind.” The doctor was astonished that how could he play video games. That is how it was discovered that Ben uses echolocation to see objects.



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