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‘The Visit’ movie trailer is terrifying to say the least!

M.Night Shyamalan directed the famous Bruce Willis starrer The Sixth Sense and gave us all sleepless nights. The director who has been credited for his astute sense in directing horror movies, has come up with another project to provide us with chills; The Visit. Slated for a September 11 release, trailer of The Visit has been released and has spiked anticipations for the film.

The trailer of the movie begins with two siblings, a brother and a sister who record their visit to their grandparents at a remote location. All seems well as the children have a ball living with their grandpa and grandma whilst keeping in touch with their parents via video conferencing. However, things take a turn for the worse (or horrible) when the children’s grandmother starts acting strange. The old woman is found awake at odd hours and slamming a door shut and reopening it numerous times. A mysterious shed is also frequented by the grandparents which leaves the children in doubt.

M. Night Shyamalan’s THE VISIT (Trailer) by thesevensees

The Visit will no doubt be one of the most awaited horror movies of this year. By the looks of the trailer, this movie is bound to scare the wits out of people.



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