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These ’24K magical gold chicken wings’ are the new wave

NEW YORK: A restaurant in New York has introduced an unusual dish to the menu that will allow guest to enjoy their chicken wing with a little Golden twist!

Two Manhattan restaurants are offering a pricey twist on standard wings fare.

Instead of regular chicken wings, The Ainsworth is now offering chicken wings coated in 24 karat gold!

The chicken wings are first soaked in coconut butter, chipotle and honey for 24 hours, then fried and dusted with 24 karat gold flakes. 

They are described as “the most expensive and insanely tasty 24K Gold Wings in the world.”

These amazingly binged-out wings are $30 for 10 pieces, $60 for 20 or a 50 piece feast with a gold bottle of Ace of Spades champagne for $1,000.

Oozing with bling these chicken wings can surely even give Bruno Mars a run for his money!

These wings are currently being served at two Manhattan locations.




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