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Five most dangerous roads you must avoid if you have heart condition

Here are some of the most demanding roads from the world over when it comes to driving dexterity.

These have become infamous for their sheer drops, narrow passes, rough conditions, and unforgiving terrains. Here are 16 most dangerous and challenging roads where only the most skilled drivers can drive safely.

Skippers Canyon Road –


Skippers Canyon Road, located in the south-west of New Zealand’s South Island, is today one of New Zealand’s better-known scenic roads and unbelievably scary as it’s narrow which makes it difficult to maneuver your car.

The Karakoram, Pakistan –

The highway links China and Pakistan at the Khunjerab Pass, at an altitude of 4,693 meter. It’s prone to landslides and floods and to make matters worse, the road is unpaved in Pakistan.

Kabul-Jalalabad Highway, Afghanistan –

The 65-km stretch from Jalalabad to Kabul snakes through Taliban territory. But it’s not the threat of insurgency that makes Highway 1 so dangerous — it’s a combination of the narrow, winding lanes that climb up to 600 meter through the Kabul Gorge.

99 Bending Road, China –

Located within the Tianmen Mountain National Park, in northwestern Hunan Province, China, the Tianmen Shan Big Gate Road is 11 kilometres long from the bottom to the top. The drive up Tongtian Avenue takes you through 99 turns.

Caucasus Road, Russia –

This narrow, winding road connects Ritsa lake and Sochi and passes through the region’s imposing mountains.



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