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They attack my family because I attack their corruption and they cannot accuse me back on that: Imran talks to 60 minutes Australia

The show aired on Sunday and it showed PTI chief Imran Khan’s life in a nutshell. The western media has always been fascinated with the success Imran Khan has achieved, on and off the ground. 60 minutes Australia aired an episode based entirely on the life of Imran Khan and his current circumstances. Featuring a montage of Imran Khan’s earlier days as a cricketer to his massive political rallies and sit-in protests from last year, 60 Minutes dacquired some interesting opinions from Imran Khan.

On the subject of why he takes death threats lightly and makes public appearances anyway.  

“Well, people operate in this false sense of belief that you’re going to live forever,” said Imran wistfully. “We all die one day, one way or another.”

Imran also revealed that he was one of the top two terrorist targets in the country.

“The Interior Ministry informed me via a statement that me and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif were among the top two targets of terrorist attacks in Pakistan,” he said with a slight smile.

Imran also stated that for him, dying for his mission meant more to him than anything and it was worth the security risk.



Political career after cricketing days

“I mean, when I played cricket I saw crowds in front of me. However, the crowds that attend my political gatherings are something else entirely,” said Imran, with a slight sense of pride. The PTI chairman also stated how all his life he had been waiting for people to wake up for their rights and demand them.

Imran also stated that he had never imagined himself becoming a politician one day.

“I realised after a while that someone like me who is blessed with everything, who has everything … should I just spend the rest of my life living off the cricket and having a very easy life or should I try and make a difference?”

Criticism on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif 

The PTI chief, as usual, did not hesitate on criticizing Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and stated that despite coming into power for the third time, he was unable to solve the problems of the country.

“Everytime the Sharifs come into power, the rich become richer and the poor become poorer,” Imran said, emphasizing every point.

Reham Khan on how Imran proposed to her and on the prospect of Imran becoming Prime Minister

“Had life been fair, Imran Khan would already have been Prime Minister of Pakistan,” said Reham, regarding her husband. She also went on to state that Imran had adopted a rather direct approach when proposing to her, and that she favoured it that way.

“He wouldn’t have gotten a good response had he propositioned to me by going down on one knee,” she said.



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