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Thirty bodies of flood victims found in Chitral

According to local sources several people taken away by floodwater have been untraced so far.

The latest casualties come as flooding and torrential rains wreaked havoc in most parts of the affected district on Friday and Saturday.

The most affected area in Chitral was the Mulkhow union council, where more than a dozen people, including children and women, were reportedly missing, local administration said.

According to local officials, so far 30 dead bodies have been recovered and rescue and search operations were underway to locate the people swept away in flooding.

Heavy rains triggered flash floods that damaged houses, shops, hospitals, bridges and government installations. According to reports over 300 houses were swept away in floodwater. Four roads thoroughly damaged, while 40 bridges were also taken away by the floodwater.

The land link of Chitral valley still severed with other parts of the region. According to sources in the disaster hit district 11 irrigation channels and over 60 water supply schemes were completely destroyed in furious waters of devastative flooding.

The standing crops at about 1200 acres of land were also destroyed in flash floods.

Hundreds of houses and shops in different areas of the Mulkhow sub-division, including Astro, Muzhgol, Authool, Warijun and Kushum villages, were washed away by flash flooding, compelling thousands of people to leave their homes. A private hospital, a petrol pump, a bank and more than 100 shops and a police station were washed away and a police station had also been damaged.

The rains also destroyed the area’s communication system and that became the main hurdle in the way of effective rescue operations.



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