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This errand boy from Sibbi is now social media’s favourite rap star

Abid Brohi, an errand boy from Sibbi in Balochistan, who could never learn how to read or write is now a social media sensation.

Why? the guy learnt how to rap!


Brohi had both Baloch and Sindhi roots, so he polished his lyric writing incorporating both the languages.

Things comes full circle for Brohi when he was accidentally discovered by a documentary team at a fair in Sibbi, something the lad had waited for long

“All the big artists who visit Balochistan promise they’ll do something for us. But all they do is talk, no one actually does anything,” Abid Brohi told Patari.

Six month later he come to Lahore to collaborate with a rapper SomeWhatSuper, and has collaborated with them in their ‘The Sibbi Song’. The song is available on the streaming site Patari.





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