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This Indian comedian’s ‘reason’ to hate Fawad Khan and Chai Wala is spot on!

Indian stand-up comedian Daniel Fernandes has a very interesting reason to hate Fawad Khan and even our good looking Chai Wala!


Let us listen to the reasons he has given his fans in India.

About Fawad Khan, he thinks he should hate Fawad because he does not have five crores on him (like Karan Johar) and also “nobody should be that good looking?”

“Pakistan gets Fawad Khan, we get Kamal R Khan,” says Fernandes. ¬†

The guy makes everyone laugh by saying that Indian nation’s default setting is “hate” and that they “do not have a software upgrade since 1947”.


For the Chai Wala!

Fernandes moves on to Pakistan’s favourite Chai Wala and says even Pakistan’s Chai Wala has blue eyes and he is so good looking. He also mocked the way Indians and Pakistanis reacted after spotting a good looking tea-seller.

“This is very disturbing now, we have a very twisted mindset as a society. We believe that poor people can’t be good looking but ugly people can be rich”, said Fernandes.

Here is the video 





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