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This is how an Australian presenter rants at all-white TV line-up

SYDNEY: An Australian news anchor was caught on camera kicking off about her colleague’s all-white outfit.

Amber Sherlock was appearing in a split-screen shot with sports presenter Julie Snook and guest psychologist Sandy Rae.

All three were dressed in white and later a video from behind the scenes – ahead of the trio’s Nine News Now Chatroom segment – was leaked online.

The other guest, psychologist Sandy Rae, was also wearing white, but not told to change.

Amber then tells someone off camera, “I need Julie to put a jacket on because we’re all in white.

“I asked you before we came on. Julie, you need to put a jacket on.

“Come on, I told you two hours ago.”

At first, Julie appears reluctant, saying she’s been “flat out” working so hasn’t had time to change.

She even claims she’s wearing blue. “It doesn’t look like it,” Amber replies.

Meanwhile Sandy Rae awkwardly looks on.

It was all smiles when the segment finally went on air and Julie put a jacket on.

In a statement, Amber admitted she “probably overreacted”.

“Live TV can be a pretty stressful beast, at times.

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