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This UK river turns yellow due to ‘curry’

BRADFORD: A river in Bradford has turned yellow because of too much waste dumped by local curry houses in the river, according to reports.

The city in West Yorkshire, dubbed the ‘curry capital of Britain’ has an ancient plumbing system meaning that buildings often dump waste into subterranean becks. Many of the restaurants are not connected to the sewerage system so when dishes are cleaned, the Bradford Beck – which goes to the River Aire – was being flooded by leftover curry.

Bradford river turns yellow

Bradford has scooped the Curry Capital of Britain six times but its success as a gastronomic hotspot has sparked pollution problems. Rob Hellawell, 49, is part of Friends of Bradford’s Beck, which was set up in 2012 to address the problem of the pollution on the beck.

Environmentalist Rob was handed the task of finding a big curry source last year. After six months of monitoring, he finally located a big offender located near another river, Westbrook Beck, another tributary of the River Aire.

Bradford river turns yellow

‘It wasn’t like the business owners were throwing waste curry out of their window, they were just washing their pots as usual and unbeknown to them it was landing in the beck. ‘Once we made them aware of the problem they rectified it right away by changing the plumbing.

Bradford river turns yellow

The city boasts 200 Asian restaurants and employs almost 100,000 in the industry.



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