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Sence: This wristband can track your emotions and mindfulness

People interested in receiving more emotional insight into themselves so they can be more productive, caring and happy, might be interested in the new wearable device called the Sence.

Developed by startup called Plantextra which had links to the medical field, Sence contains an unbelievable technological breakthrough capable of accurately tracking and logging emotional states.

Sence can track emotions by very closely listening to the heart beat, as every emotion causes the heart to beat in a slightly different way.

It can recognise the minute variations in between the heart’s contractions using the revolutionary ECG (also known as EKG) tracking technology.

This analysis is 250 times more precise than existing fitness trackers and smart watches, and Sence is the first to release a technology that can measure ECG from one wrist.

The device claims to track precisely when and where to experience around sixty-four emotional states, physical exertion and recovery, stress and vitality.

This data can be applied to help us be more productive and successful at work, stop negative emotions, emphasise happiness and make loved ones happier.

Sence’s mobile app, SenceHub, contains sophisticated algorithms that analyse the data provided by the wristband into actionable analytics.

This allows tracking stress, vitality and emotions to adjust daily routines and maximise happiness and productivity, and to track physical activity, steps, heart rate and vitality levels.

Users will also receive notifications when something interesting recently happens with their emotional states or of someone in their network.

This will help understand the kind of support that can be offered to others whether it be giving them their space, cheer them or anywhere in between.

It can also be used to understand the body and mind in ways never thought possible, and can also be shared with friends and family to stay connected with the well being of loved ones.

SenceHub also adds every ECG test to a calendar and takes a snapshot of user’s location to know when and where the scan was taken giving maximum insight into the origins of each emotion.

It is now sure how Sence will hold up to the scientific scrutiny despite the company having an international and seasoned team with top professionals from big pharmaceutical companies.

However, one thing about the wearable is for certain that it is one of the most promising emotion-tracking accessories to hit the market yet.



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