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Three buses, one truck ‘deliberately set on fire’ in Karachi

According to details gathered by ARY News, unidentified persons set the vehicles on fire in different areas of Karachi during the early hours on Thursday well after 12 am.

One of the three buses was set ablaze in the area of Napier. Eyewitnesses’ accounts of the particular incident suggested that earlier gunshots were also heard in Napier.

Another bus was covered in flames when unknown men set it on fire in Bufferzone 7-C while a third bus was burnt in Landhi’s Labour Square.

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Meanwhile, in Federal B. Area, a truck was set on fire following which fire crews were called at about 2 am to put out the blaze.

Firefighters tackled the fire and confirmed the vehicles were deliberately set on fire by unknown men whose identification was still not known, sources said.


A police official confirmed on Wednesday that an investigation into the arson attacks was initiated.

Locals and political parties were deeply concerned over a new and unsettling wave of unrest in the port city.

Saying the latest acts of violence were aimed at disrupting peace in Karachi, Coordination Committee of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Pakistan demanded an early arrest of the culprits behind the incidents.

Authorities in Karachi were also dealing with a new trend of banner politics with political messages for rival parties. However, identification of those behind the self-explanatory messages on banners was another strange affair.



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